There are several reasons why your infection might require treatment with an IV antibiotic:

  • Some resistant bacteria may not be treatable with pill antibiotics
  • Many pill antibiotics do not get absorbed well through your gut – IV therapy ensures that you get the whole dose every time
  • You are allergic to the pill antibiotics that could be used to treat your infection, or the pills cause severe stomach symptoms that interfere with eating
  • You have a problem that affects absorption of oral medication, such as a leak from the gut or a previous surgery to remove part of your bowel.

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Are we managing your IV therapy?

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We have been using athenahealth since 8/22/17

What does this mean for you?

Streamlined check-in and appointment management

  • ​You can check in electronically before your appointment.
  • No more waiting on hold to schedule, since you have access to online appointment requests

​An improved patient portal system

  • athenaCommunicator® expands access to your health information and includes features like online bill pay.  
  • You will automatically receive emails and reminder calls with information on how to sign up.

Better information sharing

  • We have easier access to the information we need to provide you the best care with integrated connections to hospital record systems and many outside clinic records through CORHIO. 
  • We also have a pharmacy database that will automatically update any new prescriptions since your last visit (but we will still need to ask you to verify which ones you are taking!).

Continued access to old records

  • If you previously enrolled in our Practice Fusion Patient Portal, you will continue to have access to those records, but we will no longer be using this portal for secure patient messaging. 
  • Please enroll with athenaCommunicator® and enjoy an enhanced communication experience with your providers!

We're going greener!

  • In addition to our paperless check-in process, we now have e-fax capability, which allows our office to send and receive faxes from other healthcare facilities without having to print out documents on our end.  
  • We also have fully electronic ordering for prescriptions, labs, and imaging, so no more paper prescriptions or paper order forms!